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rutile and copper decoration

updated mon 31 mar 97


J. Creeggan on mon 24 mar 97

I have a great copper red and some nice rutile blues (cone 10, red.) and
I'm in the process of experimenting with some sort of decoration to
enhance them. I have seen another potter's rutile glaze with a "wash" of
oxides that brought out a mixture of blues/reds/purples/golds. I've
tried RIO over the rutile and it comes up a nice orangey-gold. Anyone
have any ideas about coloured slips, oxides, washes, etc. either under
or on top of rutile glazes or copper reds? Also, if anyone has a rutile
green they'd be willing to share...

Jennie in Fort McMurray, AB
where spring is maybe just a month away!!!