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salt pigs

updated thu 31 jul 97


Paula Offutt on fri 18 jul 97

>At a show this past weekend I had a customer ask for a "salt pig". I
>had never heard of one of these things, but she said she had purchased
>one in New Zealand and was very simple in design. The purpose of the
>"salt pig" is to keep salt from clumping due to steam or humidity in the
>air when left in the kitchen. I am sure that there is some ancient
>story to these things, but I thought surely some of the potter-vets
>(pottery-veterans) would know! If so, post it to clay art and send me a
>copy in the email!

A salt pig is one of those folk art objects. I have made one or two but
have never gotten around to putting salt in them. Anyhow, the "Potters
Project Book" by Peter Cosentino has 2 different styles as one of the
projects. Since both forms are open, I haven't a clue as to how it keeps
the salt from clumping! And its not a shaker, it is a "reach in and take
a pinch" kind of form.

BTW, this is a really good book. I have enjoyed it and have at least
tried most of the projects in there.

Paula (in WNC with 80s and humid)