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updated tue 30 sep 97


john eden on tue 2 sep 97

For those of you who are about to start, or already have, a business in the

In addition to SCORE, the largest program of management help for small
businesses at SBA is the Small Business
Development Center program. Although they do not use volunteers, as SCORE
does, their service is also free and what you get when you call them is a
professional management consultant who will work with you on a continuing
basis, including assisting in finding financing for the business you want
to start. SBDCS are located at universities, community colleges, state
economic development offices and have centers covering every state. They
can be accessed through the SBA District office in each state or by getting
a list from SBA's website.

They have a rather comprehensive website which can be accessed via>

I realize that this message is coming from Canada but I have it on the
highest authority, so there!

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