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updated tue 6 may 03


Jenny Lewis on tue 9 sep 97

This might not be exactly the sort of info you had in mind but... in
Glasgow (not far from Edinburgh) is the most gorgeous museum I have
ever come across, the Burrell, which is in the middle of a huge park,
the name of which I cannot remember right now, but the tourist info
will give you all you need to find it. It was built a few years ago,
has glass walls so when you are inside you seem to be surrounded by
trees, the setting is just gorgeous. Lots of lovely things,
including wonderful far eastern ceramics.

Good cafeteria too, I seem to recall.

It rained, torrential driving soaking saturating downpour the day I
went, but I still enjoyed it!


Ardis Bourland on wed 10 sep 97

While we're in Scotland, does anybody know of a Scottish potter named Iain
Nelson? We did a year of pottery graduate work together at Univ. of Iowa in
1963. Never heard hide nor hair of him again. He was terrific then. Wonder
where he is now???

Don & June MacDonald on fri 2 may 03

My husband and I are going to Scotland for two weeks in June. Reason
for going is a family wedding in Edinburgh June 21st, but after that we
will be staying near Inverness for a week, and exploring the highlands.
I know that there are potters in the area, lots of websites, but I
wondered if there are any Clayarters? We have not been to Scotland
before, so are really looking forward to our trip, and are taking
raincoats and umbrellas so that the weather will be decent.

June from B.C.

Steve Parry-Thomas on sat 3 may 03


Potfest Scotland is 13,14, & 15 June at the city of Perth. Its held in the
agricultural center, Creiff Road. what's there over 100 potters from the UK,
for more see and we will be there!

Stephen & Karen Parry-Thomas

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Diane Mead on mon 5 may 03

National Galleries in Edinburgh--a must even if torrential rain as we had!!!
And the Glasgow School of ARt if you are a Macintosh (Chas Rennie) fan--
and the Dean and the Modern museums in Edinburgh--The Eduardo
Paolozzi is great fun at the Dean or the Modern--Rain can be intermittent
and torrential bu
the side trips into the Edinbugh shops are great--Lush soap company is fun--
tho the Scots do not like us much, they warm up after a bit and are smart
and funny
folks. Love them. Be prepared for rampant panhandlers

kruzewski on tue 6 may 03

Dear Don and June,

A month later and I'd have been there too - no don't change your travel
plans !

My Brother and Sister in Law live in Lossiemouth, 30 miles East of
Inverness. It's a lovely part of the world - and often has quite good
weather, so I hope you are in luck.

I don't personally know of any Clayart members around there but do know of
one potter worth visiting called the Loch Ness Potter. This sounds really
twee but isn't, but you do need to be a bit intrepid to visit! You go to the
village of Drumnadrochet on Loch Ness and there's a sign saying something
like "Pottery at the end of the road". The road is about 7 miles long, steep
in places (and fairly narrow) and you think you are never going to get
there. It's almost on top of the world, and occasionally you see Loch Ness
far below, then finally there's this little car park that really IS at the
end of the road, and you walk over a bridge and come to a group of
buildings. Her showroom is in an old barn, along with one of her kilns - she
has all Laser Gas kilns as I remember, while her workshop is round the back
of the building.

I really loved her pots and bought a few - be warned, she doesn't take
credit cards (didn't then anyway). She's a really nice person, and on my
first visit we had a long convesation about making pots. When I left she
gave me a dozen new-laid eggs to take with me. Last time I went she had been
ill for some time and was not making so much. It sounded like an ME type
problem. I hope she's better and plan on visiting this year (if I can drag
my family up there).

If you manage to get into a gallery in the Inverness area you may find a
Scottish Potters leaflet. These used to take the form of a map showing the
location of all their members, which I found really useful.

If you want to travel about 20 miles east along the Moray Firth the Findhorn
Centre is worth a visit - at Findhorn village. It's a religious community
founded in the late 60's, I think (if you are interested there's plenty on
the web). Amongst other workshops they have a pottery there.

Have a wonderful time, Scotland is one of my favourate places!

North Wales

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> My husband and I are going to Scotland for two weeks in June........ I
> wondered if there are any Clayarters?