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updated tue 30 sep 97


sam wainford on fri 12 sep 97

I visited Iain Nelson at his pottery in a place called Kirrimuir (sp)
in the highlands of Scotland. This was back in 1971. He was doing salt
glaze at the time--gorgeous stuff. I was a student of his at Rhode
Island School of Design in the late sixties and hugely influenced by
I had heard he took an administrative job at one of the universities in
Scotland, but this is old news (early seventies) and no doubt he has
moved on by now. A potter named Breeze Griswald(who worked at Mercer's
"tile factory" in Doylestown PA) knew him well and might have kept in
touch over the years--if you can find her(?!?). Or possibly Norm
Schulman who lives near Penland NC might know.
I'd love to know Iain's whereabouts myself. So if you or ANYONE finds
him, please forward his address to me. Thanks Sam

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
While we're in Scotland, does anybody know of a Scottish potter named
Nelson? We did a year of pottery graduate work together at Univ. of
Iowa in
1963. Never heard hide nor hair of him again. He was terrific then.
where he is now???