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sealer for bisque (oil lamps too)

updated thu 31 oct 96


Pat Chesney on tue 29 oct 96

I responded to the person who asked about a sealer, but I copied the reply
to the list in case someone else can use the info.

Hi. I am multi-craft and skill oriented. I am, among other things, a
flooring contractor. I recently sealed our pottery shop floor
(concrete-very porous) with a very clear, very hard pure polyurethane
sealer made by the Industrial Solvents Co. of San Marcos, Texas. It has a
Tolulene base, so it dries very fast. It is very flamable, however.

Another solution is to use the newest, water-borne polyurethanes. They are
non-allergenic and mostly non-toxic. They are clear and very water proof
(we use them to seal oil lamps too) There are several versions, with the
versions available to flooring contractors the very best. The ones in the
retail stores and paint stores are not as good. I think I would use the
water-borne poly for the project you mentioned.

Good luck,

Pat Chesney
Waco, Texas