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seattle visit

updated sun 18 nov 01


Jocelyn Olivia Mc Auley on wed 27 aug 97

Hi All,
I'm going to be up in Seattle for Bumbershoot this weekend. In
the event that I get completely tired of music, are there some good
galleries that people can recommend? To give an indication of desired
range, I'll be at the Seattle Center, and traveling by foot.

Jocelyn McAuley
Eugene OR

Richard mahaffey on fri 29 aug 97

Dear Jocelyn,

You are in luck! First the Northwest Craft Center is in Seattle Center.
It is between Key arena and the fountain. It has a large exhibition
gallery and a sales area that has lots of pots to see. Also Pottery
Northwest a cooperative studio is on the South east corner of the Center
(outside the Center itself), I believe on 1st Ave. They have a studio
area and a small but nice gallery there. BTW Pottery Norhtwest was the
prototype for the Baltimore Clayworks and who how many other group

Rick Mahaffey,
Tacoma, WA USA

O'Brien Tyrrell on sat 17 nov 01

I will be in Seattle for a few days later this week, and am interested =
in visiting clay galleries and shops with pottery. I have checked the =
archives but wanted to see if there was anything new or special going =

O'Brien Tyrrell =20