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seized randall flat-top wheel head

updated sat 31 may 97


Billie Ann Schwab on sun 4 may 97

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has had success in removing a Randall flat-top
wheel head that was seized on the center shaft.

Was given one and it obviously was not taken care of. Can't seem to
figure out how to get the splash pan down off to try to work on
loosening the head. Have tried the rubber hammer and several hands
pulling at once. The wheel head puller in their catalog is for the
bucket-head, not the flat-top.

I'm at a loss :( - would really like to use it. Have thought about
eliminating the current splashpan set-up and fabricating something
equally suitable. Maybe the only solution at this point - kinda
"reinventing the wheel" (couldn't resist that one ;).

Billie on mon 5 may 97

To remove the flat top wheel head that has siezed get a propane torch
and heat the wheel head in the center. Don't melt it, I am not
responsible if it cracks etc.
With gloves hold the head still and twist the flywheel with your feet.

John Johnson on mon 5 may 97

I have 2 randall wheeels that I got after being out in the weather for months
& months. I don't think you can remove ths basin without the head first being
removed.Neither of mine were flat heads but they were really stuck! So, I
twisted the wheel head in one direction while the bottom drive wheel was
twisted in the opposite direction. I also used some WD-40 to loosen the head
from the shaft. In your case it would seem that you might need to invert the
wheel and find some way to snake the WD-40 applicator straw to at least meet
the shaft so the fluid can run down & get into the wheel head. I drilled a
small hole close to the base of the basin to facilitate same. This also
allows me to drain the slurry/water from throwing without having to remove
the wheel head. Using a small cork allows draining at will! Hope this helps!
I sure love my randall wheels!