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sensei revisited

updated sun 31 aug 97


Mel Jacobson on sun 17 aug 97

thank you robert for your insights.
we live in changing times, as always. my time in japan
is long gone. the attitudes of japanese people are becoming
westernized very fast. every letter i get from japan is full of the
very things that robert is talking about, graft, corruption, shmoooz.
many of my friends in kyoto are unhappy, and saddened.
the old ways are dying. greed is becoming king.

of course minnesota has a 20 year old basketball player that
was drafted out of high school, and has turned down 105 million
dollars over six seasons. it turned my stomach.

without question, i will try and hold on to the attitudes that,
good teaching, caring for the craft, and passing on the
the best we have to offer will survive. i am confident
that it will. there is something special about people that
work with their hands and minds. we work alone, but need
the sharing and giving that keeps the craft moving along.

of course we have our share of greedy, grabbing dorks. and
the best of all is the intellectual snobs that make junk, and try
to convince us with their mouths that it has value. but it is
so nice that we have eyes, for we can see.
mel on mon 18 aug 97

Dear Mel, Surely "times are a-changing" as always.Expectations,both of new
potters and thier friends,parents and contemporaries generally are perhaps
greater than at any time in the past. when 20,000to 50,000 dollars has been
spent to become a potter,at uiversity level,expectations are that one should
be able to have a 'substantial income commensurate with> ones real or
percieved class position. For ourselves,(Isao and Don) we began at the
bottom and have managed to remain happily there for over 25 years.
** Don and Isao Morrill **
** Falkland, B.C. **
** **

Robert Yellin on thu 21 aug 97

Just a quick hello Mel-
Thanks for your reply and insights-
we do indeed have eyes most only look
we need to refine the art of seeing-being.
Would be great to share a tall Kirin down by
Suruga bay with ya one day.....
the wheel keeps turnin....
my night fades into your day....
ancient pot next to my pillow.....
into the future we dream....
Robert Yellin