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shared studio space - repost

updated fri 31 jan 97


R Wuetherick on fri 3 jan 97

Hi all,
I am making a big move from Calgary to Chicago in Jan/Feb 97. I
would like to know if anyone in the Chicago area (I will be living in
would be interested in sharing studio space. Preferably with someone
that has a studio with at least 1000-1500sq feet of space. Of course
won't I
won't be picky if there is more or slighly less. Need SPACE!!!!

What do I have to offer?
- Shimpo Master Series Wheel
- Kick Wheel
- 8'x4' Bailey Slab Roller
- Bailey Pneumatic extruder with expansion box and dies
- 7' foot electric kiln with sitter
- 7' foot olympic gas kiln
- 2' foot electric test kiln
- raku kiln
- 4HP compressor and air tools
- various other personal studio equipment
- brushes, bats, sieves, buckets, sinks,
canvas work tables, chemical inventory.
- and possibly a 35 cubic foot gas (ask for details)

So if anyone is interested please respond privately to
"". I will have a Chicago EMAIL address
soon and will re-post this message at that point!

Also I will be offering WEB page design to other artists; JAVA,
CGI scripting, site maitenance ,etc.

I am also currently working with Mr.Tony Hansen of IMC software that
produces Insight and Forsight ceramic calculation software.
Incredible packages
and hopefully will be running courses in the that area soon. So if
there would be
interest in this also please post to the above EMAIL also!