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shimpo wheelhead

updated wed 30 apr 97


Joyce Lee, Jim Lee on wed 23 apr 97

Thank you, Clayarters. Many of you have already responded to my plea
for help in removing the wheelhead from our new NCECA-purchased Shimpo.
However, not one of those kind enough to respond so rapidly has been
able to remove his own wheelhead after trying "everything" and asking
for help from company etc. Have any of you had success? I'd appreciate
hearing how, if you have time to post. I want to use my new wheel!
And I want to use the splashpan! Apparently, there are a fair number
of Shimpo splashpans sitting mournfully in corners unused, unhappy to be
just spinning their you-know-whats because the dratted wheelhead won't
come off. Sad. We did call the company. They were very pleasant and
assured me that this was an uncommon problem. The advice was to hit the
center of the wheelhead hard with a rubber mallet which
would cause the whatever to loosen and it "would just pop up." Did.
Not so. Advice made sense to my technical assistant/support person but
didn't work. A machinist suggested that we have two threaded holes
drilled into the wheelhead close to the center, then put some sort of
metal support blocks beneath the wheel. Somehow screwing the bolts
into the metal would force the blocks up and the wheelhead off the wheel
(or something like that). I'm concerned about attempting this, though,
since we would have then damaged the wheel and probably (rightfully)
could not return it to the company. I know the head can come off since I
used a demonstration model at NCECA with splashpan fact, I
was very impressed with the sound and feel of the wheel, with the pedal,
and was happy that it was 1hp and 14" since my old Brent is 1/2 hp and
12" wheel. The extra power felt good, whether it would ever be needed or
not...just a few dollars more at show prices. I am not easily
disillusioned (love my illusions), but I'm beginning to be concerned
about just who is in charge in my head that I would buy a wheel and just
accept that the wheelhead comes off without having it demonstrated.


Learning from her mistakes in the Mojave but always making new ones...
and observing that her normally cheerful support person is beginning to
be a wee bit disgruntled having many hours invested in this "simple"
procedure. I can tell by his various grunts in response to my
suggestions...that's why he's dis-grunt-led. (just couldn't resist).
It's not funny but whatta' ya' gonna' do?