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slab-built platters

updated wed 31 jul 96 on sat 13 jul 96

I am trying to make a slab-built platter and am having trouble making the
outside edge look right. Any suggestions on how to finish the platter so
that the rim is smooth, even and not too thick would be appreciated. Also,
how do you get a nice underglaze line on the edge of a rectangular plate?
Any help would be very much appreciated (including texts and/or videos).

Judy in the wonderful but warm Tri-Cities, Washington

K. Lorensen on wed 17 jul 96


I had a teacher here in Seattle that would make a nice slab
built lasagne pan. He would make a rim around the entire
rectangle out of an extruded piece that resembled a hand
pulled cup handle. The rim not only "finished"
the edges nicely, but also worked as the handles.
I suppose some might call this "cheating" but,
it looks great and was quite easy. It may work for you
on your platter.

Good Luck!

Carie Lorensen