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slip that fits

updated wed 31 jul 96


Carrie Hawk on sun 14 jul 96

Hello, Utter Mudders,

I am looking for a slip that will fit the tiles I am making. I am using
Standard's #103 red clay. Firing it to ^04.

I have Jeff O's slip recipe and will be testing it in the next week, but can
use all the advice I can get.

Having a great summer after having attended two fantastic one day workshops
and visiting Berea KY. If you are planning any kind of a trip to Ky, and
have an extra day, go there. There are some great galleries and studio's
open to the public. It is just south of Lexington.

I also got to meet a clayarter, Diane Zubrick in Centerville, OH. She does
some great sliptrailing. Gave me a few pointers on sgrafito, as well.

I am still
Carrie in beautiful, downtown
Manchester, Tennessee, USA