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slip trailers and tile cutters

updated fri 28 feb 97 on thu 13 feb 97

Hello Lili (and the list),

Fiona Beaumont pointed you towards Potterycrafts for the slip trailers.
I understood that one of the US supply houses imported their products
(previous Clayart post - can't remember who).
Potclays and Bath Potters's Supplies also supply them, and they (but not
Potterycrafts) supply tile cutters also.

The tile cutter sizes are:
square: 28mm, 108mm & 152mm
rectangle: 100mm x 50mm
hexagon: 82mm
round: 101mm

Depending on supplier, the thick walled rubber variety with detachable
nozzle comes in 75cc, 115cc, & 150cc sizes. Many UK potters find these
less comfortable and controllable than the thin-walled rubber type. The
rubber is about the same gauge and quality as a cycle tyre inner tube,
and its shape is like a squashed ball with side tube. It has a removable
nozzle. Being more difficult to fill (too soft to rely on suction), one
of the thick walled variety is usually used to fill them. They are
available from Potterycrafts or from Dangor Ceramics in Wales (who make

Let me know if you would like further details, addresses etc.

* Phone/Fax/Msgs (0)1926 887003 (UK)