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slips and materials.

updated tue 30 apr 96


David Stuchbery on wed 24 apr 96

Thank you to those fellow Clayart subscribers who responded to my request
for a re-post on information re. 'Thick slips'.

Some more information required, which will come up from me from time to time
regarding translation of materials - mainly to do with BRAND names and
what the actual material is? All to do with living in another country.

A material for thickening slip called 'APT II', the suppliers of ceramic
materials here don't have any idea as to what this material is. As this
material got such high praise for thickening slip, I would be very
interested to know what its basic chemical composition is or what family
it belongs to.

Another material mentioned was 'KARO SYRUP' , can you enlighten me on
that one also.

Clayart as a resource just seems to be getting better and better, living
here in Australia, subscribing to 'Clayart' has given me a whole new family.

Little bit of background. I live in a city called Bendigo which is known
for its pottery, having a well established tradition in that area, both
in industry and education. Bendigo is in the state of Victoria, approx.
100 miles from Melbourne.

David Stuchbery.

David Stuchbery
School of Art & Design Ph (054) 447-279
La Trobe University, Bendigo

June Perry on wed 24 apr 96

Karo syrup is a corn syrup. Karo is the brand name. Corn syrup is a liquid
sweetner and here in the states you can purchase it either as a clear or
light brown liquid. It is used in cooking and candy making. All supermarkets
here carry it. It can also be used as an addition to glatch batches to help
the glaze adhere to the pot.

June Perry