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small space studio

updated mon 30 sep 96


Kathy A. Cheriki on tue 17 sep 96

Hi All,

I have a rather small space to set up a studio in. It is actually my
utility room, and my pottery equipment will be in the same space with the
furnace, hot water heater, washer and dryer. I want to start with a small
electric kiln, a wheel, a hand held extruder, and a small wedging table.
Can anyone give advice on what type of equipment to get, where to get it,
what size would work well for me, etc....? I will probably fire only about
once a month. I plan to probably do low fire, but maybe occasionally go
up to cone 5. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. TIA :)


Sue Hintz on wed 18 sep 96

I have a small studio space with my washer and dryer. I wedge on the same count
sink is and where I do glazing. I bought a kiln from Bennetts and was very plea
price and customer service. I built a "U" shape area of shelves and put my whee
middle of it so everything is handy and I can easily move pots off of the wheel.
important thing I did was I bought an envirovent since my kiln is in the same ar
the fumes directly outside using a dryer hose.