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so-called "numerophobia"

updated thu 31 oct 96


Bill Aycock on tue 15 oct 96

I have held my breath and clenched my teeth over the so-called numerophobia

I made a career out of getting positive results out of applying my knowledge
of the laws of nature aided by mathematical methods. I agree (strongly)
with Karl and have another thought:

Why is "illiterate" a pejorative term and "inumerate" accepted ? (that is
the correct term, since most people dont have a fear [phobia] about math,
just ignorance) The Left-brain, Right brain argument is real, but in the
current application, is more an excuse that a cause. Any person who can
learn to read and write should be able to to learn basic arithmetic and
simple Math.

It is my considered opinion that the current situation with regard to the
ability to do simple arithmetic is the result of "Dumbing Down" on the part
of our society. (the schools do what we want). I watched One local High
School PTA protest for reduced requirement in Testing, because the current
tests made the students look bad, while another, in the same city, was
winning awards in the math division in the Scholars Bowl. (As an aside, the
School with high math skills was also award winning in music)

I was lucky enough to be exposed to math by people who had joy in being able
to apply it.
One teacher had a hobby of developing "short-cuts" for doing arithmetic
rapidly. Another coined "catch phrases" to help identify equation forms and
characteristics. (He could also teach you about the mechanics of forces on a
pool table)

I am not inartistic. I am somewhat creative, and I have sold lots of pots.
On many of my business trips (usually applying math in doing Engineering) I
spent my spare time in visiting museums. I know the Right-Left conflict
from both sides; I have been accused, by different people, of being
"one-sided", both ways.

Bill- about to be off on a trip for a week- away from Persimmon Hill.

Bill Aycock --- Persimmon Hill --- Woodville, Alabama, USA
--- (in the N.E. corner of the State)
also-- W4BSG -- Grid EM64vr