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some thoughts on education

updated sat 30 nov 96


Peter Tomich on mon 18 nov 96

Maybe, I shouldn't have pushed the send button on that last one, I was

I've talked with a friend of mine who is a geography professor here and
he can help me draw up a questionaire to distribute among the art
students, and then collate the data. I am going to present this idea
Thursday at the Student Art Association, of which I am an active
member. I already talked to the president of the assn. and she said for
me to bring it up, but I would have to assume responsibility for getting
it put together, fine with me. I want to improve this program. The
questionaire would be geared toward improving the program and getting
student's feelings, thoughts and ideas out in the open. I would then
type out all of the comments and data and we can then form a committee
to draft a list of suggestions(?). How would you go about getting minor
curriculum changes without rocking the boat?

Now my grandma's upset! "Can't you wait until after you graduate?"

Samantha in Hawaii