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son of numerophobia - shut up about the math

updated thu 31 oct 96


Carl Ross on sun 13 oct 96


If you think anyone is math challenged because they don't feel it is as
useful as people make it out to be, I think you can keep it to yourself. I'll
have you know I was a very highly ranking student when it came to math and
often had to help the teacher teach the class because she didn't know her ass
from her elbow and she was all the class had. All the way through Geometry I
was fine. I Had trouble when it came to Advanced algebra, but that was
because I fell behind, I wasn't in the full understanding of her lessons and
she didn't take the time to help me out. I had to get a tutor to pass. ME a
tutor had to get a tutor! I could say some much worse things about this but I
don't want this to turn into anything further then it already is and I
suggest you get a life or just keep it to yourself. I Graduated a year and a
half ahead of my classmates after a difficult time in my life. I told the
school off and enrolled in home school. 3 months later I had completed the
year and a half and got my diploma. not with any teachers but my parents who
gave me alot of support and the books the home school sent, not once did I
need to ask anyone anything, because there is a lot of bullshit in the public
education system that the homeschool just cut through and was straight to the
point. I was doing a credit of high school in a night and I was laughing at
the poor stiffs who sat through 8 hours of high school and I just called in
my answers over the phone. Now I'm on my way to a degree and no one is
stopping me from being the best business manager I can be but assholes who
think we need to know about everything whether it is pertinent to our career
or not. And I feel with art, anything is as pertinent as you want it to be
not anyone else but you.


Carl in Mathematically advanced Phillips

P.S. perhaps I may be a little numerophobic, but wouldn't that make you a