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spare bedroom studio

updated tue 31 dec 96


Lynn Barth on fri 6 dec 96


I had my studio in an upstairs spare bedroom for a few years.. Now
I have it in a downstairs bedroom, formerly playroom, formerly
den. It was a lot of trips up and down the stairs some days but most
of the time it was no big deal. (Until the day I made that 50 lb.
vessel, what was I thinking?) I have wood floors in both. And I
have used a piece of vinyl flooring or a floorcloth under the wheel.
You can damp mop wood floors. It's standing water that warps
them. I would definitely get rid of the carpet or cover it like some-
one else suggested. I keep my studio clean and don't have a problem
tracking dust through the house.

I definitely think if you will throw more in the spare room that you
should go for it. I've done it for five years now.

Good luck!
Lynn Barth
Cherry Valley Pottery