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staple points/euclid's elements

updated wed 30 apr 97


Jeff Lawrence on tue 8 apr 97

Linda Blossom points out:
> each time you insert a staple there is a little more degredation on
> the brick.
Hi Linda,

Very true.

But ever since the time everything melted and ran down the sides, the staple
holes have been hard to find in my kilns. Fact gleaned: both kanthal wire
and soft firebrick will cheerfully dive right into a good robust melt.

Sharp staples and needle-noses work for me. More the merrier is my approach
now. Cf my prior cavalier attitude, which lasted until an element puffed out
so far it fused with itelf on the next groove down.

Euclid will sell you some thick kanthal wire to cut and bend into staples
yourself - a bit cheaper than readymade.

And if you ever get meltdown, there are two-prong stilts around (a bit like
a piece of porcelain toffee with dorsal spikes) which make a fairly
effective prosthetic groove.

Best regards,
Jeff Lawrence
Sun Dagger Design
ph/fax 505-753-5913