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stinky clay water (and eels in london cuisine)

updated sun 31 aug 97


Tamsin A. Whitehead on tue 26 aug 97

I used to work with papier-mache and the recipe I used called for one or
two drops of clove oil or wintergreen to help counteract any sour smells.
I don't know what effects, if any, this might have in clay slops but maybe
worth a try as a way of getting rid of smells but keeping the good
processes going? The only thing I see that might be a problem is that it
is an oil, but perhaps in such small quantities it wouldn't matter?
Hey! How about peppermint or vanilla? Aromatherapy slurry? (Just kidding!)

I remember as a child I used to go to a local take-away/cafe place in
London which in 'the old days' used to be popular in a similar way that a
fish 'n chip place was. But this was the "pie 'n eel" place. You could
get meat pies with side dishes in paper cup type things. You could get
mashed potato, and mushy 'cannonball' peas, but the greatest delicacy were
the jellied eels. A cup full of of cooked baby eels in a bright green
slimy jelly. Rather like I have always imagined Soylent Green to be. YUM!

Nottingham, NH