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stone-like slips

updated fri 28 feb 97


Roeder on mon 24 feb 97

These recipes are from Zakin's book on Electric Kiln Ceramics.

Some of the clays used in the recipe are coarse and the slip should not be
strined. The result will be a coarse, sandy-textured surface, not for
functional pieces. They may be applied by dipping, spraying or brushing.
They may be applied to greenware or bisqued ware. They may be used alone or
with stains and glazes. The appearance when fired is soft and sandy.

I've applied them to bone dry sculptural work, bisqued them and then have
rubbed stains or oxides into the recesses, sponging off, then fired again
for permanence. They are quite versatile.

Cone 6 Gritty Slips

Ozona White "stony white"

AP Green 70
Cedar Heights Goldart 20
Ball Clay 10

Ozona Naples Yellow "light ochre"

AP Green 40
Cedar Heights Goldart 40
Cedar Heights Redart 12
Ball Clay 6
Wollastonite 2

Ozona Red "brick red"

AP Green 60
Cedar Heights Goldart 15
Cedar Heights Redart 25

Ozona Burgundy "deep brick red"

AP Green 80
Goldart 20
Chrome oxide 1
Iron oxide 2

Ozona gritty slip variations:

AP Green 70
Goldart 20
Ball Clay 10

Tan Gray-green add:
Chrome oxide 3

Tan Gray-blue add:
Cobalt oxide 1
Iron oxide 1