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updated mon 31 mar 97


Martin Butt on sun 16 mar 97

Rafael; I'm with Linda. I don't know that your message "reeked" of snobbery,
but it
certainly had a whiff or two! By the way, calm down! I can practically see
the veins
standing out on your forehead.

>I am dubious of your claims. There is no way a private studio can offer the
quality of facilities and instruction that a well-funded community college
can. Get over your self-delusions!<

I am not the person your message was aimed at, but I want to respond to your
implication that a private teaching studio can't measure up to a tax
supported community college, particularly because I too draw some of my
students from ex-community college students.

>Before I respond at length, I would like to get some more information about
you and
your "system." Since you used this public forum for criticism of community
colleges, will you publicly establish some credibility for yourself and your