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studio dust control

updated wed 29 oct 97


Bob Pulley on wed 22 oct 97

I am teaching in a high school this year. 4 sessions of ceramics. I have
sensitive lungs and am concerned about the constant dust. The custodians
do a pretty good job, but we mix clay daily in a pug mill and though there
is a vent fan it is not really adequate. Plus 25 students can make a lot
of dust through the day.

Have any of you had any experience with ionizing air cleaners in studio or

Robert Pulley

Taube Wilson on tue 28 oct 97

This is a response to Bob Pulley's question
about ionizing air cleaners in the classroom.


About a month ago I posted a request for information about
air cleaners for my home studio. You might want to look up that
thread in In my research I found the following
useful information:

Bailey's sells air cleaners, and their catalog has a lot of
information about what to look for. Bailey's sells HEPA and HEPA-type
cleaners. You might want to get their catalog - there are about 6 pages
on air cleaning systems, plus several more on shop vacs, etc.

Also, the October,1992 issue of Consumer Reports had reviews of
air cleaners. The way they describe ionizing air cleaners sounds to me
like it wouldn't be a good thing for clay - larger particles are trapped
in the pre-filter, but smaller particles end up clinging to the walls
and furniture. They list low engery and filter costs as advantages, and
soiled walls and furniture as disadvantages.

Taube ("Toby") Wilson in Northern Virginia

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