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studio fans

updated fri 31 may 96


Lori Wilkinson on tue 21 may 96

Hi all,

This may not have to be said but will for those that missed earlier posts
about silicia in the air in our studios.

When using a window fan or any fan for that mater I strongly suggest it be
used for exhaust only. When used in the studio to circulate air it also
circulates the fine silica dust that is harmful to the lungs and any other
chemicles in the studio. If your studio is attached to your home and your
blowing a fan inward, it could be pushed into the house and cooling system.
This stuff is worse than plaster dust with the way it travels and gets into
everything and very hard on the lungs.

Hope I haven't insulted anyones intelligence. If so It wasn't intended that

Lori Wilkinson in Roswell NM where we are in a cold front, only in the 80s