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studio fees (a different perspective)

updated sun 30 jun 96


Sam Cuttell on tue 11 jun 96

At 12:55 PM 6/8/96 EDT, you wrote:
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>do you feel are justified labfees - clay,glaze,firings(propane gas). I am
>also looking for suggestions for those of you who teach sculpture courses
>in media other than clay. How are material costs assesed?
>My own personal experience in this area is one sided. In both my
>undergraduate and graduate experience, there was a minimal set studio fee
>and ALL materials were provided... AS much as we could use!..I believe
>this fuels the creative spirit when the economics of the media does not
>interfere or hinder the exploration of tangental ideas.

My interest in clay started after University. I took Music at McGill
University. I'm going to jump right in here and be real unpopular.

When I read "...there was a minimal set studio fee and ALL materials were
provided... AS much as we could use!...." I was stunned! As a working
potter, I know how much materials cost and it "ain't" minimal. I'm sorry,
but I don't believe the university should be paying for all these things.

As a music student, I had to provide my own instrument(s). Low quality
instruments were on site; but we were *expected* to purchase and maintain
our our. Back then ('75) my instrument cost almost $4,000!!! In
1975 I could have bought a small car new for that price. And compared to
violins, violas etc. this was darn cheap. When I played my year end exams,
I had to hire an accompianist (sp). I had to pay them for both rehersal and
exams. As well, if I was in a quintet in my finals, I had to pay the other
4 musicians. NOTHING was covered. Period. Tuition bought me class time
and library access.

I'm sorry, but I don't feel bad that ceramic students are expected to cover
their costs. Unfired clay can be recycled forever. I feel by charging for
materials used, it will help stop "junk" from being fired and discarded.

I'm stepping into my ^10 flame retardant suit now!!!

sam - alias the cat lady
proud foster mom of 3 puppies!!!