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studio fees and studio plans

updated sun 30 jun 96


Lewis S. Rifkowitz on sat 8 jun 96

Dear clayart community,

I amlooking for information concerning the charging of lab fees, or
studio fees in a small University setting. Our budget has been cut. We
survive by ordering our materials from a fund that consists of lab fees
from various classes. In essence what has been institued is almost the
idea of a cost recovery system though this has not been stated in such a
manner. I realize this message only is pertanent to those who are
involved in the academic community, but I am looking for feedback. What
do you feel are justified labfees - clay,glaze,firings(propane gas). I am
also looking for suggestions for those of you who teach sculpture courses
in media other than clay. How are material costs assesed?

My own personal experience in this area is one sided. In both my
undergraduate and graduate experience, there was a minimal set studio fee
and ALL materials were provided... AS much as we could use!..I believe
this fuels the creative spirit when the economics of the media does not
interfere or hinder the exploration of tangental ideas.

I am also seeking any informatio and advise form those that have set up
and planned a University studio. After many years of petitioning, the
University has committed a 4000 square foot building to the 3D arts area.
This is exciting. The space is at present temporary classrooms and
completely airconditioned. Power will be changed via a seperate
transformer to the building. Plumbing and water area an issue. This
building must house the following: ceramics lab, sculpture lab, materials
storage, tool room, glaze area, electric kiln area, clay mixing area,
bathroom and office. I plan on creating an outdoor space via a concrete
slab for gas kilns and metal furnace. Any information shared would be a
help especially if it helps plan a safe space for my students.

You can E-mail me privately at

Many Thanks,
Lewis Rifkowitz
University of Guam

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