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studio lighting / photography (again!)

updated fri 24 oct 97


Russel Fouts on mon 13 oct 97

>> However, only the long unshielded tube kind seem to pose much fire
danger from shattering.
(Those are the 300-500 watt bulbs that come in those tall torchiere lamps
from the discount store.) <<

All this talk about 500 watt halogen lights and the fact that I saw some on
sale, very cheaply (with stands, The kind interior builders/painters use)
at the hardware place, got me thinking.

500 watt floods are recommended for photography as well. Could these work?
I think the light is probably "warm" and therefore I'd have to use a filter
but these were really cheap. I could get a LOT of them for the price of
some other rigs.

Russel (curious, again. and late for work!)

Russel Fouts
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Frank Hartlieb on tue 14 oct 97

250 or 500 watt floods work great for photographing ceramic work if used
in a fixture that has a ceramic receptacle and a light diffuser in front
of the reflector. These bulbs are meant to be used with Tungsten film and
will give true color repro for up to 8 hours burn time. Tungsten rated at
64 ISO works best. However Tungsten rated at 160 ISO will do equally well
under most circumstances. It is important to remember to turn off all
other lights when using this film and light combo.