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updated fri 31 jan 97


Carl Ross on tue 28 jan 97

HI Everyone,

I apologize for my lack of participation lately, as I've been very busy. I'm
opening my studio soon and I'm finally getting some time with my hands in the
clay, and not the six dumpster loads I hauled out. I'm wondering if anyone
out there has a studio open to the public that sells the supplies there. I
have a kiln and wheel and adequate space for four people to work at the same
time. I have a rent bill of $125 a month and it costs me around $14 for each
firing. I've invested quite a bit, however I don't want to look like I'm
ripping people off. There aren't any studios of this sort in my area, so I
have nothing to compare to. I really have no competition, however I do live
in a smaller close knit community and wouldn't want to discourage any
business by overpricing. How much of a markup do you put on your supplies?
and what do you charge for using your studio? I have had a lot of inquiries
about lessons, and have told people that I would gladly give lessons on what
I know. The local newspaper is going to be doing a story about the studio in
the next couple of weeks and I hope to drum up possible members from that. My
studio is located below my parents bakery which is right on the main street.
There is also consignment display area above tha bakery, so I hope to sell
work up there and have space available for others to also sell their's. I
hope to become a member of the local association of main street businesses
and also a member of the local artists' guild, which in my county is the
standard for artists. They print maps of the county with references to the
members shops and circulate them throughout the state.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated,

Carl in snowy, 5 degree high, Phillips

Susan Benson on wed 29 jan 97

Hi Carl;
I think it depends on what part of the country you live in, how much you
should charge. The studio I used to go to (in a very small town in eastern
WA state) charged $5 per visit (of any duration over 1hr.) no matter how long
they stayed.....most people stayed between 2-4 hrs, and came in 2-3 times a
week. They also charged approximately 100% markup on glazes and clay, and
50% on brushes and tools. At those rates, I still found pottery to be a
relatively inexpensive hobby. Good Luck!!!!!!

Susan Benson