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updated tue 31 dec 96


Barbara Sansing on mon 2 dec 96

The Studio Potter Network exists to provide connections among
potters and among the groups that serve them.

this is done by providing a directory of member groups, a
publication that represents them, a bed and breakfast network, a
video library, an annual exhibition of members' work, and other

The semiannual Studio Potter Network Newsletter ia a 16-page
publication full of news about potters' groups activities,
articles by thoughtful people about the field, book and video
reviews, how-to articles and other matters.

There are 3 ways of being part of the Studio Potter Network:

1. Join an existing Network Group (ask yours if it's a member
if you belong to one). Group dues are $75. per year.

2. Start one among your fellow potters or students. Just decide
you're going to be a group.

3. If all else fails, you may become a member of Independent
Potters United (IPU) and gain benefit of membership in the
Network as an individual. Dues are a donation of $10-50.
Address is the same as the Network.

Contact: Studio Potter Network
130 Stark Highway South
Dunbarton, NH 03045
phone 603-774-3582
fax 603-774-6313