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studio size

updated mon 23 jun 03


A.Jan on sat 19 apr 97

I am in the midst of discussion with my architect on building my studio for
pottery and also fine art work. I have not much idea as to info like how far
should it be from the house, like safety elements ...etc.

I would appreciate any suggestions, like a good size for the studio,
essentials that should be in the studio, ventilation, or any websites or
information on how to build a safe studio. If anyone has drawings too, I
would love to have a look at it.

Any suggestions, ideas, information will be deeply appreciated. We hope to
work out the details together in 2 weeks time.

Thank you again....

Best regards


Yost Tile Co. on tue 22 apr 97

I believe you need to decide how much space you want to maintain, I
wanted 2000 square feet and ended up with 7500 an old factory
building at a very good rate. I love it, but it is full, so when I
relocate, I will need a bigger space or a big yard sale.
Good Luck, bob

barbara lund on thu 12 nov 98

I thought i was a building a studio big enough for 2 when I put up my
building in 1990. Hah! It is 24x34 with an upstairs for pot storage and a
spare bedroom. I do have the nasty habit of using the garage space for my
car during snow season and that really cramps my style. I have no show room
space and am planning on an addition some day off to the side for a show
room. My "work room" is 11x24 with the wheel, tables, pug mill ,shelves,
sound system (vital) and sink (I recommend those big old deep laundry sinks
that you find in basements of houses bult earlier in the century). the
kilns are in another room well ventilated and room for kiln furniture.
there is also a huge shelf on wheels made out of solid core doors with
stacks of pots. I would love more room for drying and bisqued pots, bags of
chemicals, glaze bucket storage, and clay. Message to my story-you can
never have too much room in a pot shop-you'll always find something to fill
it up! other Barb in Bloomington

Greg & Betsy Macdonald on sun 22 jun 03

I just finished building my studio behind our home. It's 20 x 30 and has =
an 8' wide screened porch on the front overlooking the fish pond. The =
600 sq ft seems to be perfectly adequate for my needs although I do have =
my kiln in a seperate building [greenhouse]. It was installed there when =
I was working out of our cellar and I didn't see any need to move it. It =
would be nice to have it in the studio and I think that there would be =
plenty of room but It's also nice not to have to breathe the fumes. If =
you'd like, I'd be glad to send the plans along to you. E-mail me if you =
want them.=20