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updated mon 2 aug 10


David Hooker on sat 7 sep 96

The Banff center in Canada has space available that's just what
you're looking for: fully equipt for short term projects- I believe they
have plenty of room for large scale work. I think they make space available
on a monthly basis for the short term projects. I haven't been there, but I
talked to them at NCECA last year. They have a great reputation. I don't
know if assistants are available or not. Worth giving them a call
(unfortunately, my book with their brochure is in my studio, or I would
give you their number).

Good Luck-
David Hooker

kimberly dawn kramer on wed 6 aug 97

Attention Chicago artists:

I am looking for open studio space in ceramics in the
Chicago area (preferably downtown/Lincoln Park area).
Can anyone help?

Please send any replies to:

Thank you,

Karen Gringhuis on thu 7 aug 97

Kim - Start w/ Lill St Studios - on Lill St in the Lincoln Park area.
You can also work at Evanston Art Center by taking a class there
but it's nt downtown. Karen Gringhuis

RedIron Studios on wed 20 may 98

I have studio space for rent in Vancouver. The space

Shimpo Master series Wheel 14" wheel head
Bailey Pneumatic Extruder
3 Electric Kilns
25' cubic foot downdraft kiln
Canvas work benches, etc
Sandblaster, etc

Space rental per month including use of all equipment
will be $350.00 per month (open to a honest offer though)
Please email if interested. Space
availble immediatly.. Cheers all...

Don & Isao Morrill on fri 10 sep 99

At 13:18 9/9/99 EDT, you wrote:
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>studio space available to rent in a cooperative pottery. Pinkham Pottery is
>located in Lynn Mass at thr historic Lydia Pinkham building. Studio is
>equiped with electric and a gas kiln, lots of light, and is a great place to
>work. Currently there are 3 cooperative members and 3 renters (there is
>opportunity to buy into the cooperative)
>Contact David Matthews at 781 592 2449 to set up an appointment or email me
>directly for additional information.
>Sara JH Ashodian

Sara, Although I doubt I would return to Lynn,(my birthplace) it is
pleasant to hear that the "Pink pills for pale people pottery" continues to
survive. Phillip White bought my studio in Marblehead,allowing me to travel
to Japan, which ledto marriage,and eventual work in several countries. If
you know of the whereabouts of Phil White,I would be grateful if you might
say "Hello" for me.
Don & Isao Sanami/Morrill
(3 Winds Pottery,Falkland, B.C.)

mudlady@ATT.NET on tue 19 sep 00

I am searching for rental studio space in Chester county
Pa. with access to a gas kiln. Hopefully a communal
studio of fun loving, sharing potters. Please send any
information to Thanks

Alecia Miller on tue 19 sep 00

I believe there was an ad on the bulletin board at Chester Springs studio
recently for potters to share a studio with. I will be there next week
and will check it out for you. I may be there for Studio days this
weekend, and if the ceramics studio is open I can check then.

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000 mudlady@ATT.NET wrote:

> I am searching for rental studio space in Chester county
> Pa. with access to a gas kiln. Hopefully a communal
> studio of fun loving, sharing potters. Please send any
> information to Thanks
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Judy Kanigel on wed 18 oct 00

Hi fellow clayarters,

I'm probably crazy to think that I can find affordable studio space near my
home in Cambridge, MA. I've heard it said that land in the Boston area is
the costliest in the US. But we don't need much.

Another potter and I could make do just fine with 400 square feet.
Electricity for a kiln, a water source and some heat, but the rest is
negotiable. A garage or someone's basement would do just fine. The maximum
that we want to spend at this point is $400 per month.

Please contact me off list if you have any leads.
Thanks in advance,
Judy Kanigel

mudlady@ATT.NET on thu 19 oct 00

Is anyone interested in starting a communal studio in
the Chester county area of Pennsylvania, please contact There must be some serious
potters who need space and access to a gas kiln.

Saic1984@AOL.COM on sat 21 oct 00

Have you looked into Mudflat?

Also...the Potter's Shop in Needham.


mudlady@ATT.NET on tue 1 may 01

Is there any potter's group in the Chadds Ford Area, of
Pa.? I'm looking for a communal studio with space to
rent and access to a gas kiln. Please send any info to Thanks

scott lykens on tue 1 may 01

check out this months ceramics monthly, also available online. find the =
studio closest to you. wala

>Is there any potter's group in the Chadds Ford Area, of
>Pa.? I'm looking for a communal studio with space to
>rent and access to a gas kiln. Please send any info to
> Thanks
>Send postings to
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Joyce Lee on fri 20 jun 03

Peter in Florida once sent me enlarged photographs
of his studio space so I could better determine how
to use mine to accommodate extruders, slab roller
etc. This generous gift was invaluable in explaining
to #1 Support Person what floor plan to use in our
big 2 1/2 car garage, plus a workshop across the back
which later became my glaze room. It IS true
that one expands to fill the space.......... and the
work expands to fill the time......

I have those pics still and, unless Peter objects,
I'd be glad to share one of the shots of his studio
interior. Please e-mail me directly if you'd like
one. In turn, I'll wait a few days before snail
to see if I hear from Peter. First come; first
served. =20

In the Mojave where it's down to 89F next few
days, and no significant humidity except that
produced by the swamp coolers ...... for us,
that's a Cool Spell ... saw the roadrunner taking
advantage of the cool to make his rounds,
which pleased me because I want=20
him to catch the snake if he hasn't already.....
and where I saw the teeniest lizard ever. If
it hadn't been for his hustling, I'd have missed
him for sure...... not an inch long.... I didn't
know they came that small. on mon 11 dec 06

We are now expanding the Greenpoint Ceramic Collective in Brooklyn!

This 3,000 Square Foot Space is a combination of Workspace, Showroom and Of=
fice/Kitchen.  Within the space are 14-foot ceilings, lots of light, p=
ersonal as well as communal space, ample shelving, slab roller, potter=E2=
=80=99s wheels, extruder, glaze mixing area, a number of low and high fire =
electric kilns, a separate, well-lit showroom, high-speed internet, fax and=
working kitchen. There is 24 hour access and a freight elevator with conve=
nient parking. Close proximity to Subways and Buses.

We are looking for professional and semi-professional Ceramic Artists and P=
otters who are interested in sharing this space, manufacturing and marketin=
g their products and adding to our already established body of experience a=
nd knowledge in the spirit of the collective.  We now consist of those=
who wheel throw, hand build, slab build, slip cast and more!  We wish=
to develop a destination, both real and virtual, whereby craft collectors,=
designer and architects can come to us for our creations and manufacturing=
specialties under one roof.  We anticipate building professional rela=
tionships and connections within and without the studio.

If you envision yourself as part of such a collective, please email or call=
for more information. Email:,

Tel:  Studio:  718.383.5400   Cell:  917.541.6062<=

Email if you want email you images.


Lee on sun 27 apr 08

A friend of mine, (a respected, established ceramic
artist/potter), is looking for studio space in Minneapolis. If
anybody has leads, please drop me a note.

Lee, a Mashiko potter in Minneapolis

"Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that
can be counted counts." --(Sign hanging in Einstein's office at

Meryl Ruth on sun 30 aug 09

I live in the Portland, Maine area and I'm looking for ceramic art =3D
studio space to rent in the area.=3D20

My husband and I are building a new home with a studio but that won't be =
available for at least another year and I need to move from the studio =3D
space I am in now.=3D20

If you know of a space to rent/share please contact me off line.=3D20

Thank You,=3D20
Meryl Ruth, Porcelain Grace

Paul Lorber on sat 30 jan 10

Clay/art studio available in Central NJ. for hobbists 28' x 28'. ft. Ren=
t or share=3D20
entire space. Kilns, wheel. available. Quiet surrounded by 400 acres of =
with deck. Lessons or guidance.@ $1.25sq.ft
Heat Included. Hot water, electric, wirless internet available. Kit. bath=
Residential Zone Parking. 908 930 0497 Princeton area.

mel jacobson on sat 31 jul 10

an old saying.
`no matter how big you make it, it will be far too small.`
from: minnetonka, mn
clayart link:
new book:

steve graber on sun 1 aug 10

follow the rule like buying a boat.=3DA0 always get somethign 2 foot bigger=
=3D0Abecause=3DA0you WILL want it=3D0A=3DA0Steve Graber, Graber's Pottery, =
aremont, California USA=3D0AThe Steve Tool - for awesome texture on pots! =
=3D0A=3D =3D0A=3D0A=3D0AOn Laguna Cl=
ay's w=3D
ebsite=3D0A =3D0A=3D0A=3D0A=3D0A----- Origi=
nal Messag=3D
e ----=3D0A> From: mel jacobson =3D0A> To: Clayart@LSV.C=
ICS.ORG=3D0A> Sent: Sat, July 31, 2010 6:11:12 AM=3D0A> Subject: studio spa=
=3D0A> =3D0A> an old saying.=3D0A> `no matter how big you make it, it will =
be far=3D
too small.`=3D0A> from: minnetonka, mn=3D0A> website:
pots/=3D0A> clayart link:=3DA0
0A> ne=3D
w book:> alternate: melpots7575@gmail.=
m=3D0A> =3D0A=3D0A=3D0A