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studio use fees

updated sat 31 may 97


Lynne Antone on tue 13 may 97

My husband and I have been have a "difference of opinion" concerning studio
use for my students when the new studio is finished. He thinks we should
charge something for studio use outside of class time. I feel like one of the
joys of learning pottery is to get all of the hands on time you can get. I'll
be in the studio every day anyway doing production, so it's not like there
would be any extra heating costs, only equipment and electricity to use it. I
will charge extra for any firing after their initial 25 lbs. they get as part
of the class fee.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give me. We hope to make this business a
viable source of income to support us in retirement from the office grind.

Lynne Antone
Olympia WA USA
Who just came off of her best weekend fair sales ever (first since
retirement), a little sunburned and dying to bank those profits so I can buy
more clay.