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updated mon 30 jun 97


mel jacobson on thu 5 jun 97

i have a great big one. 36X40 with a added kiln room of 18X20
decks all around. i like a big studio.... i built my own with 2X4's and
wood. mel being a smart ass.

Sherry mcDonald Stewart on fri 6 jun 97

well, Mel, what do you know about straw bale construction? I'd like to
build my studio of straw. Maybe you can help me since you have built
your own large studio. I like space too!

Toni Martens on sat 7 jun 97

I could NOT resist this.......
Sherry wants a studio of hay
and Mel built his house (er studio) of sticks
Mine is made of bricks
Do I sense some kind of relationship here?
Toni M who is hoping she can keep the wolf from the door!

John Johnson on wed 11 jun 97

Saw your posting, thought I'd but in.'Fine Home Building', the periodical
featured this several years ago. Basically, straw bales were stacked like
concrete blocks and then stuccoed on both sides. This of course was done on a
concrete slab. All was water tight and the interior of the bales remained dry
and rot free. It actually came from a centuries old method of building in
some part of Africa where esentially the same thing was done using clay or
mud as the 'stucco'! The author of the article discovered this when he saw a
native cow eating the straw from the interior of one of these structures as a
result of some damage to the mud skin. If you can't find the article, let me
know and I'll see if I can dig it up, so to speak, and send a copy to ya!

John Johnson