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study in germany

updated mon 31 mar 97


Al Deshauer on mon 24 feb 97

Dear Clayarters:
I am wondering if anyone has any connections to potteries in Germany?
I want to go to Germany to study the language but I also want to continue
working on my ceramics skills. An apprenteship program would be ideal
but I just don't know how to find out about possible positions. Any info
would be greatly appreciated.

Maria Deschauer
Altona, Manitoba

Dannon Rhudy on tue 25 feb 97


Germany has very rigid rules about who may work at what, what
kind of training is required and so on. It might be possible
to do something at a private pottery, with private arrangements.
Craftspeople get training there at technical schools, pretty
fierce. Have to have a certificate, pass tests, who knows what

There are at least some German potters on the list, maybe
someone would give you some information, help; tell you what is

Dannon Rhudy

Craig Edwards on fri 28 feb 97


Hello Maria:
You were wondering about connections to potteries in Germany.

I have been to Germany several times and studied there in 1966-67. Dannon is
correct that Germany does have offical ways of doing things. However they =
not that difficult to deal with especially on lower training levels.

The only place that I'm Aquainted with is an area around Koblenz called
Hohr-grenzhausen. There are many potteries there. They also have a =
Keramikmuseum, and Fachhochschule. They would know about opportunities fur
Keramik handwerk.

Adresse=3B Keramikmuseum Westerwald
Deutsche Sammlung fur historische und zeitgenossische
5410 Hohr-Grenzhausen
Telepon (0 26 24 ) 36 66
This would be a good place to start. They are extremely helpful in =
people to situations.

I hope this helps.

Craig Edwards

Guenter Haltmayer on mon 3 mar 97

In fact, there are some Germans on the list - and Kalkspatz, a German potters
association and we are prepared to give some help for such requests..
Very easy, go to our homepage and you find some very useful information there.
As the main site is under construction at the moment, please use the mirror
go to "Auslandsinfo" and you find beside many countries of the world a file
about Germany and it is, alas!, also available in English language (but the only
one at the moment I confess). You will see some basic informations and links to
other sites, where you find lists of potteries etc.
Go to "Stellenmarkt" and you see a listing of some positions available in
Germany and Europe - in german language, but I hope clear enough to understand
even if you don't speak German at the moment.
The system of vocational training is in fact strange for people from the US and
the rest of the world and a relict of medieaval times. Most potters are trained
three years in workshops as apprentices. You have to pass a exam then and are
supposed to work another 2 years as an assistance, before you can try to pass
the master exam and open your own workshop. Isn't it stupid?! We tried to
struggle against and bypass this system, but there are the established "masters"
and they have a lot of economical and political power..thus the system remained
As I suppose, you might not intend to go through this 5-years process. Don't
worry, many potters accept people as trainees for 3 or 6 months. Maybe you will
not get any salary (depends on your skills and the economic situation in the
pottery) (bad in general in Germany) On the other hand, there are some Arts
Schools, which have an pretty good ceramic programm, but they are all private
and cost some good money. More on schools etc. you find at the site of the
ceramic magazine "Neue Keramik"
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly:
Guenter from Germany