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surface finish for terracotta floor tiles?

updated fri 24 oct 97


Marion Barnes-Schwartz. on tue 30 sep 97

I have been reading with interest the responses concerning surface finishes
for terracotta planters.
I am making floor tiles out of high fire terracotta and I am interested in
knowing what is recommended for a finish for these tiles. Thanks.

Leslie McPherson on wed 1 oct 97

I was also thinking of doing the same thing for my kitchen and read an
interesting article on finishing these kind of tiles.

One way, which gave a rather antique look, was to stain the bisqued tiles
with shoe polish, wipe off the excess and then seal the tiles with tile
sealer. The later part is important to do before you grout, the tiles will
pick up the grout color if left unsealed.

My personal rendtition of this would be to stain it with watered down
paint, or colored stain as I wanted a antiqued hunter green kind of tile,
and then of course to seal the tiles.

Good luck!


Marie Gibbons on thu 2 oct 97

A while back I saw on "This Old House" a segment where they stained outdoor
terracotta tiles with used motor oil. Just wiped on / in with a rag. Gave
the tile a beautiful leathery sheen.

I haven't tried it yet, but it is in the "mind safe" for future use. Pass on
the results if anyone gives it a try, please.

Marie Gibbons
Arvada, Colorado