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surplus in colorado

updated sat 30 nov 96


Louis Katz on wed 27 nov 96

Found an interesting list of Surplus Chemicals Available to any laboratory
in the Colorado State University System. is where the list of
surplus chemicals is. It could be a real windfall. Included in the list is
Stannous Chloride and other high price chemicals as well as more mundane
stuff such as Calcium Carbonate.

Below is some text information
Hope this helps someone.

Environmental Health Services
(EHS) has developed a system-wide surplus chemical
redistribution program. Unused chemicals which are no longer needed should
be listed separately
from waste chemicals and submitted to Dr. Jerold Robertson at EHS. EHS
will review the lists
and determine which of the items are appropriate for inclusion in the
surplus chemical inventory
system. The chemical should be in original container, contain no
carcinogens or reactives, and
have a good shelf life.
Any CSU laboratory can receive surplus chemicals at no cost. The
redistribution program can
reduce the cost of waste through the use of no-cost chemicals. The success
of this program will
depend on the willingness of all users to be open to using surplus
chemicals. Please contact
Dr.Jerold Robertson at 1-6745 or email at if
you have any
questions. You can use this form to submit your requests

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