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swedish designer

updated tue 30 apr 96


Derek Lacey on wed 10 apr 96

Hello all,

I have a Swedish friend (not (yet) on the net) who is a ceramic/earthenware
designer (and small-scale producer) hoping to make contact with a smaller
pottery in the Stoke area of England for producing larger volumes of his
designs. If anyone can help with this, or perhaps even fits the bill then
please e-mail me (him) with whatever info you can provide. This would be
greatly appreciated. He hopes to plan a visit to UK later in the year.

I hope this is the correct group to post this request. If not then please
accept my apologies and redirect me to a more appropriate group if you can.
Best regards

Derek Lacey

Tlf: +47-72 886 886
Fax: +47-72 888 555