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tempering elements and ware board racks

updated sat 31 may 97


Malone & Dean McRaine on tue 20 may 97

Peggy; I've never heard any thing about tempering elements. I have no
knowledge but my own experience. The last set I put in I blasted right up to
^10 (I single fire) and they're going strong after 50 firings.
The best racks I've ever had or seen are freestanding & easy to make out of
1" pipe-the heavy galvanized stuff you use for gas plumbing. You may be
able to scavenge the pipe from a plumber or gas guy. Make two end frames of
2x4's with holes bored to fit the pipe to support pairs of pipes to hold
your ware boards. Size them to fit the ware boards you use and the size of
work you do. My boards are 28" long so my pipes are 16" apart. The boards
have support in the middle and can hang over the ends. The pipes will
support any amount of weight. I have space for 4 boards side by side per
level and 4 levels. My boards are 14" wide so my pipes are 4x14"+4"(extra
space)+4"(2" each end to fit into supports)=60". Make the holes a snug fit
to the pipes and the racks will be rock solid. Portability is a nice
convenience and you can put them in the middle of the room. I take them to
shows for display racks. You can knock them apart to move but I just haul
them as is.
Write me back if details are unclear.
My new studio is an idea and a pile of lumber right now.
Kauai is looking like paradise again after 3 weeks of heavy rain.
Dean McRaine