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temporary raku kiln

updated sat 31 aug 96 on sun 18 aug 96

Several months ago I asked for information about a raku kiln and received
lots of great advice. As a result, I decided that the best raku kiln for me
would be one that is made of brick. I intend to buy one with a pulley system
at some point, but not until after I move. In the mean time, I was wondering
about making a box out of soft brick, using a kiln shelf or two for the top
and firing with a gas burner. The box would be temporary - lasting only the
day that I fired and could be adjusted in size depending upon my needs for
that day (& limited by the kiln shelves that I buy.)
Has anyone tried this? If so, how has it worked. If not, any reasons that you
can think of why it won't work?



Sue Hutchen on mon 19 aug 96 wrote:
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------

> Shula,The kind of raku kiln that you describe is exactly what we had, and
regularly used at the art school that I attended. It's only major flaw
that I recall is that it took a couple of hours for the bricks to heat
thoroughly before it began to function really well, a problem that is
entirely avoided I think by using a fibrefax model.
Good luck

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