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thanks - pizza/bread stone - also glazed v unglazed functional

updated mon 31 mar 97


Stephanie on sun 9 mar 97

A hearty thanks to all those who responded. I got some great info although
I neglected to mention that cost is a major consideration. The stones in
the stores range from $20 - 35, from what I understand, not too different
in price from some kiln shelves ( correct me if I'm wrong). Also. I would
like to make this myself and personalize it.

Based on the info posted and my preferences, here's what I'll probably do:

1. buy a bag of "death valley" or brown ^10 stoneware clay from Marjon.

2. Slab roll and cut a 1.5" circle of clay and cut to 20" in diameter. Dry
it under a cardboard box of rocks so it maintains it shape and doesn't

3. Bisque and then high fire the stone to ^10 to vitrify, hoping with
shrinkage it comes to about .75" thick and about 17" in diameter.

Glazed v. unglazed functional ware part

4. I will not glaze the stone. I love the color of this clay when is it is
high fired. It should not stain or be susceptible to fungus or whatever. I
made a dinnerware set in a similar fashion which I use everyday and I have
no problems with staining. They came out really nicely. I used death
valley clay from Marjon.

So that's it. Thanks again for all of your suggestions. If any of this is
really out of line please let me know.