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thanks re: slip trailers and tile cutters

updated fri 28 feb 97


Lili Krakowski on mon 10 feb 97

I got a bunch of messages and want to thank everyone. FYI: I know about
ear syringes, baby cleaning syringes, turkey basters, enema syringes,
mustard and ketchup squeeze bottles. What I was hoping for is someone to
tell me first who makes the kind I am looking for: apparently POtterycraft
in GB still does, and THEN if anyone in the US sells them (apparently not).
The rubber syringes are harder and harder to find because, I guess,
health considerations make these hard to clean guys undesirable. The
latest baby syringes I have seen have been gussied up--no doubt better
for babies and mommies but not for potters.

However--not a peep about tile cutters....Yikes.
Lili Krakowski

Keith Chervenak on tue 11 feb 97


If I'm on the same page about tile cutters you should be able to
find several types at the local building supply store, Home Depot, etc. or
at the local commercial tile store. I have rented wet saws from the
typical tool rental places. I also have a mail order catalog, I believe it
is Tool Crib of the North and they had nice wet saws and a couple hand
versions. I think that Tool Crib is on the web but if you have trouble
finding them I can help you out. Hope this is what you're looking for.


Keith Chervenak
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A.