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thanks to all for the bat info

updated fri 24 oct 97


Sylvia See on thu 2 oct 97

Thanks to all for the private and list posts on the different bat systems
out there. After throwing for 10 years, I simply stopped throwing nice
round lids that had to fit on warped casseroles etc. and went to the fun
stuff. I am determined to get a handle on a great bat system and wish I had
been introduced to them years ago. I may have saved a ton of frustration
with lidded pots and may actually have enjoyed throwing functional pottery.
I suppose 10 years still classify's me as a beginner, but starting as I did
at 50, I really don't think I have 40 years to perfect everything in the
throwing process and it makes me mad about the years I wasted not knowing
how to make good, effecient plaster bats. Warped may be great if you can
get away with it, but the consumer here wants round in bowls etc. and I
personally like a well rounded piece when I am finished. In fact I spent
considerable time trying to throw the perfectly centered, perfectly round
piece. Those that don't make it I alter or use for the dog. I found it
extremely frustrating, working like crazy to get a great pot only to throw
it away after lifting it from the wheel. Thanks again to the batman folks
who so generously shared their experiences, good and bad with bats.
Sylvia See Claresholm, Alberta
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