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updated sat 31 aug 96


John Baisch on mon 12 aug 96

Hello All,

I want to thank everyone that helped with my RAKU
problem. It turned out to be the weather... Yes the

Recently we have had a stint of hot weather here in Boise
and subsequently when I used the copper based glazes
before, it was in the 60s and 70s (after going back through
firing logs).

I have been firing in 90 and 100 degree weather lately and would
follow the same pratice with quickly placing the pot in the
reduction chamber. I now pace myself and wait a few moments
before placing the pot in the chamber. In addition I was given
much advise in other areas such as burping the reduction can
after 20 - 30 seconds. All suggestion were excellent and have
made me respect all of the issues that can effect a RAKU firing.

Also, I was given a link to a great site for RAKU. When you have a
moment I would reccomend you check it out. It has some great
insight on RAKU and helpful hints...

Point your browser to

Thanks again....

~~~~~~ John Baisch ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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