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the business of art

updated sat 30 nov 96


Janet H Walker on thu 28 nov 96

I saw the post about the course for preparing students for life
"after the B.F.A." It suddenly hit me yesterday what one kind
of course project could be.

It would cover a lot of the bases and would involve real learning by
doing, which is after all how a great many people learn best. How
about having the students set up a show and sale in which they
organize, publicize, and so on? (The proceeds could be split
between students and a charity or a scholarship fund.)

This could a framework for covering a lot of things like resumes,
contracts, pricing, press releases, and so on. It also adds an
element which wasn't on the original list, which is getting a chance
to observe actual art buyers in (in)action. You see, I think art is
about communication between artist and customer rather than about
self-absorbed self-expression. Adding the customer side of the
interaction to the course might be both instructive and revealing
for the students!

Just an idea. Regards.
Jan Walker
Cambridge, MA USA