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the real deal (re: business of potting - nix blacklist!)

updated sun 31 aug 97


Talbott on sat 30 aug 97

Christopher... there is nothing wrong with having different points of
view... It is not appropriate however to slander someone (intentionally or
otherwise) by placing their names on a list and stating that these
professor are discouraging you from following your chosen career. When I
was in high school my IA teacher told me I would never be any good with my
hands and I think I proved him wrong. What he did not understand is that
it is a person's mind that makes you what you are. So it makes no
difference what someone tells you... ultimately it is up to YOU to follow
your dreams. I know of a husband and wife team that started off as studio
potters and doing other jobs to supplement their income and now have a
company with retail sales in the millions annually... It takes a lot of
work, planning, determination, and discipline to get to the point where
one can make a living solely at pottery... Celia and I have been at this
for four years now..and we now have a fairly well equiped studio with most
of the "big toys" including a potters wheel, slab-roller, spray booth,
pugmill, claymixer and a gas fired car kiln which we built... And of course
we now have our own gallery to sell from which has tremendously helped our
ability to market our work. I am a teacher and she is an admissions
counselor and this coming Jan. she intends to go full time as a potter
(don't tell anyone).. and hopefully I will be able to be a full time
gallery operator/potter in another year or so... I love selling pottery
and have sold hundreds of pots this summer... For us to make a decent
living solely at pottery I feel we need to sell at least $80K/year ...that
averages about $6,600 per month in sales... that my friend is a lot of
sales.... But I am working on it... ..Marshall


Details will be forth coming!!!

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