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updated fri 24 oct 97


Mel Jacobson on wed 1 oct 97

things are clicking.

kathleen gordon from palto alto, is going to organize the cup exchange.
we will draw lots from a hat. she will plan things and let you know via
clayart. (now to make a mug, what a concept.)

have had an offer of sponsorship of the room in exchange for a
table in the room for literature (book dealer). we will talk more
about that via e-mail. (and thanks to them)

dannon rhudy has said `maybe` to displaying her `hands` drawings
from the slides that she took of many of you. you may want to post
her personally and ask her to do so.

we have asked ron roy to show slides of all of his favorite
formulas, not the finished work, just the formulas...he has
64,000 and will show all of them. tony hanson will run the

terry and tara sigilata will be at the receptions with vince.

hey, this is fun.