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tile artist's organization announcement

updated tue 30 apr 96 on fri 5 apr 96

Hi All-

Today I received a fax from Richard Surving of Surving Studios with a
notice of an organizational meeting for a new tile artist's organization.
Richard and his wife Natalie make some great tiles, mostly with high relief
natural motifs.

Here is the text of Richard's letter, for those interested in the idea:

Richard Surving
Surving Studios
RD 4 Box 449
Middletown, NY 19940

April 3, 1996

Dear Tile Artist:

May I extend an invitation to have you join me in the formation of the
American Tile Artist's Organization. Our first (annual) meeting will
occur at the International Tile and Stone Expo in Miami at the convention
center April 24th-27th, 1996. This special formation meeting will be on
April 25th at 3:00 P.P. in Room #B113.

Because of the pioneering efforts of a few individuals in the tile industry
and pioneering artists that have been exhibiting in the past years, the
I.T.&S.E. and the Tile Promotion Board have begun to notice the creative
excitement generated by our presence.

Last year, I made a presentation to the show management with the works of a
few dozen artists that responded to my call. Skip Mason, the show promoter,
was very enthusiastic and encouraging. He has generously offered a meeting
place with coffee and refreshments at this year's Expo. It is time for us
to show that we mean business and are ready to exhibit our work in this
special world class show.

On April 25th, we will be making decisions about the next year's show and
the future of our fledgling organization. You are welcome to be part of
it. If you want more information, call me at (914) 355-1430. If you cannot
make the meeting, send me a self-addressed stamped envelope and I will let
you know the results of the meeting and costs of exhibiting in the 1997 Expo.

Meet you in Miami.


Richard Surving

I'll post a copy of this notice on Tiles On The Web as well, for future
reference. If any ClayArters make it to the meeting, I'd love to hear how
it went. Unfortunately, Miami is a bit far for me!


Tom Colson or
Tiles On The Web: