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tile table problems

updated wed 30 apr 97


Robin & Lesley Blythe-Lord on tue 8 apr 97

Hi Janet,

I think 1/2" ply will be fine. Make sure it is Marine or Exterior quality
(It's waterproof) It shouldn't warp but it might sag under the weight of
the tiles. Suggest it is supported underneath with one or two hardwood
battens screwed and glued along the length of the table. 1/2" angle from
the metal artist would also do and this might also be attached to the
frame, perhaps (I'm guessing as I can't see it, obviously). A layer of
grouted tiles is quite robust and almost self supporting until a load is
applied to it. Well stuck down to a ply base using Tile adhesive and it
makes a very strong composite material. Do use waterproof grout. There is
a very good epoxy resin grout for kitchen surfaces that is a pig to use
but normal waterproof grout for shower cubicle tiles is fine.

Sealer. At Cone 9 the tiles will be vitreous and waterproof and she
shouldn't damage them in getting the sealer off. Again I'm guessing.
Sounds like hard work. Me I'd leave 'em, she knows it's there but no-one
else will even notice. Put a plate of sandwiches on it!

By the way I have used a waterborne floor sealer for this purpose. It is
Matt and will go everso slightly milky if very heavily applied. Very hard
wearing though and waterproof when dry. But it is an afterthought... why
didn't I glaze the damn stuff in the kiln in the first place? That's a
thought. If she can get them off the table she could refire them to say
750C, that would remove the sealer! She could lightly wipe a glaze on
after that and fire that on.

Robin Blythe-Lord